Art exhibition in Berlin

Unlock The Berlin Artists’ Innovative Look At The Lost Human Experience

Roll To Tie

Veronika Hykova

Curatorial concept

The path we walk is not a wide road full of bright light but quite the contrary. It looks like a narrow dark passage with a sharp turn where at one point in your life you stop caring about other´s people opinion or their perceptions of you and you just follow your own way.

That´s why the narrow corridor was used as a representation of a passage of our life. In the beginning, it is quite narrow and straight forward but as we get older and grow as people then a perception of who we are gets wider and more fluid like the corridor.

A sizable part of my research is focused on identity, past memories vs present, migration, and our origins and because all of that is reflected in our homes. The places we grew up, moved into, or created by ourselves are mirrors of where we are from, our upbringing, and the location of our origins.

Berlin based artist Claudia Vitari

Claudia Vitari

Claudia Virginia Vitari who is a Berlin-based artist presenting her series of artworks, Invisible Cities, 2012. Vitari´s project is about Radio Nikosia in Barcelona, the first Spanish radio program that is organized by people with a diagnosis of mental disorders.

Taking into consideration the last nearly 3 years of our lives and how our mental health is affected by being confined into limited spaces of our homes, Vitari´s installation tells stories of people who struggled with mental health long before the pandemic. The installation draws attention to the stigma of mental health patients being forced into pigeon holes from which is no escape


Suzanne Levesque Berlin based artist

Suzanne Levesque

Berlin/New York-based painter Suzanne Levesque. Through paintings, drawings, and sometimes installations Levesque analyzes human behavior by scrutinizing and collecting fragments of consciousness. Collecting and processing them almost like specimens.

The artist made an installation in collaboration with the Galerie Schloss Parz in Austria MÜDE BIN ICH, 2017. The artist focused her attention on beds as pivotal objects of the human existence. In a bed humans are made, born, heal and every night we go to bed to sleep and recharge and in the end, we die in a bed. We are at our most vulnerable in bed.

Today, the installation exists as a video on a loop inside an old-fashioned TV set from the time period from the artists’ own childhood. The video was shot in collaboration with Kaiser Films.