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Ongoing submissions

If you are an artist and you would like to improve your online presence and share your art practise then feel free to answer my open call.

What are the benefits of the decent online presence for artists?

    • you can engage with your targeted audience

    • increase your credibility as an artist

    • gain more career opportunities

Why I am the right person to help you?

I am an art curator with a clear focus on topics such as identity, origins, past & memory, migration, validation of the past and stereotypes. Therefore if your art practise includes one of the topics, feel free to keep on reading.

What will I gain as an artist?

    • Specially dedicated online event
    • 3x posts on my FB page and 3 posts & 3x stories on my IG account
    • Place in my archive section

What are the criteria for being selected?

The most important is the relevancy to my areas of research such as identity, origins, past & memory, migration, validation of the past and stereotypes. Then it is how close you can stick to the requirements below. eg if I have asked for 15 mins and you send me 30 mins then it is less likely I will select your podcast.


  • the length of the talk is 15 mins only

  • in English only

  • it is a voice recording accompanied with images of your artwork rendered as MP4, or AVI

  • no selfies videos

  • the talk should be spontaneous

  • notes on paper are welcomed but do not read out loud the whole text

  • presentation 90% visual or short videos accompanied with your voice explaining the artwork

  • minimum written text

  • the recording has to start with you saying your full name and country of origin…….

  • contact me via the form below & tell me that your art talk is ready

  • share your art talk via Google drive
  • send me 3 individual photograph of your artwork one I will use as a cover image the rest for social media posts max 1MB each

In case that you struggle with the concept of the art talk then the article What is an Art Statement at Art Business Info will help you with your research about what is expected from you.

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