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Empower Your Artistic Growth: Be part of my art community!

Ongoing submissions

If you are an artist and you would like to become part of my art community and share your art practise then feel free to answer my open call.

What are the benefits of my community of artists?

    • shared opportunities such as open calls, arty dinners, artists talks, etc

    • shared Stories about your art events on my IG profile

    • gain more growth opportunities and collaborate with other artists on joint projects

Why I am the right person to help you?

I am an art curator with a clear focus on topics such as identity, origins, past & memory, migration, validation of the past and stereotypes. Therefore if your art practise includes one of the topics, feel free to keep on reading.

Why should I join?

Immerse yourself in Berlin’s vibrant and diverse art scene, benefiting from the rich cultural exchange and inspiration that comes from being in a global art hub.

Connect with like-minded artists, gallery owners, curators, and art enthusiasts who can provide support, feedback, and collaboration opportunities.


  • no charge

  • a text written only in English

  • share your Instagram profile

  • preferable be located in Berlin

  • fill the Google spreadsheet

  • share your artist’s statement

In case that you struggle with the concept of the art statement then the article What is an Art Statement at Art Business Info will help you with your research about what is expected from you.