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Robbie Kaye

A well established artist based in the US with a long career of exploring a wide range of subjects using various media. Let´s mention for example a concept of beauty and position of women within our society.

The first project is Beauty and Wisdom where Kaye interviewed a number of women in their ´70s asking them how they feel about the culture that is so heavily focused on the beauty of youth.

The second photo project is Cracked: Reflection of Imperfection which provides a peek into the artist´s personal life. The reason I was captured by these two projects is their insights into female identity.

Youri Visser-Benazeraf

French visual artist who is strongly influenced by Minimalism & Arte Povera. Using the technique of first tearing a canvas and then stiching it back together leaving a dominant scar on the canvas has become a core subject of his artworks.

The artist shares his interpretation of a complex idea in reparation of the world based on his readings of texts in Kabala.

The idea of breaking something in order to fix it has made me think. Do you have to destroy the past to make it whole again? Even if you restore it, the scars will be visible forever.