Boost Your Gallery’s Impact: Expert Social Media Jackpot Unveiled

Why Your Gallery Needs My Expertise:

Visibility Redefined:

Your gallery deserves to be seen by a wider audience. With my social media mastery, I’ll strategically craft a tailored plan to boost your visibility across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Artists in the Limelight:

Every stroke of a brush and each creation tells a unique story. I’ll shine a spotlight on your talented artists, captivating your audience with their masterpieces and creating a narrative that resonates on social media.

Event Promotion:

From captivating exhibition openings to exclusive gallery events, your calendar will come alive on social media. I’ll create a buzz that extends beyond the gallery walls, drawing art enthusiasts to your events and creating memorable experiences.

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Social Media Marketing

Unveil the Potential of Your Gallery with Social Media Mastery!

Is your art gallery hidden in the shadows of the digital world? It’s time to bring your masterpiece into the spotlight! Let me transform your social media presence and empowering your art space in ways you never thought possible.


Creating FB & IG paid Ads


Maintaing FB & IG paid Ads


Detailed Reporting

Min. advertising budget 2000 EUR per quarter for FB & IG ads + 25% commission fee

What to Expect from My Services:

Consistent Posting:

I’ll curate a content calendar to ensure your gallery remains top-of-mind with regular, engaging posts.

Strategic Ads on FB and IG:

Boost your gallery’s reach with targeted Facebook and Instagram ads. I’ll create efficient campaigns that convert art enthusiasts into loyal patrons.

Detailed Reporting:

I’ll provide comprehensive reports, analyzing the performance of each campaign and providing insights to optimize future strategies.

Content creation for your website and social media content calender is for an extra charge.