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August 17th – 31st



Muriel Gallardo Weinstein

Clement Claudius

Gionata Girardi

Pham Thai Ho

Venue exhibition:
KA32, Pappelalle 32
Berlin, 10437

Art collaboration with Opse Project

View 1 | Group Show

Art exhibition in Berlin

View 1 | Group Show

The common theme among the selected artworks in this group show is the artists’ determination to initiate discussions and raise awareness about contemporary issues.

Many of the pieces focus on the image and the role of women in today’s society, shedding light on this topic not only from a female perspective but also from a male standpoint.

The selected works not only offer insights into the image and the multifaceted role and expectations of women in today’s society but also invite viewers to consider these themes from both female and male perspectives.

As viewers engaged with these thought-provoking artworks, they were reminded of the capacity of art to transcend boundaries and stimulate meaningful dialogue, ultimately contributing to a more informed and empathetic society.

Miltos Drspoudis, painter in Berlin

Opse Project

The first collaboration with Opse Project run by Miltos Despoudis happened in 2020. The purpose of the collaboration was to give a space to individual artists to introduce their art practice.

The artist talks took a place in front of a live audience, they were recorded and edited. Later on, the edited recordings were given to the artists at their disposal free of charge.

Over the time the Opse project grew and now it serves as a hub for various art-related activities, including gatherings, podcasts, workshops.

In September 2023 for the first time it had is own first group exhibition along side with the artist talks at the premisses of DSTRCT.Berlin.

The exhibition was titled View 1 and the aim of the exhibition was prompting the viewers to reflect on societal expectations and foster dialogue.

A group art exhibition in a warehouse in Berlin.

Artists of the art show

Ella Taub explored internal struggles faced by women in a patriarchal society. “Caterpillar” by Karina Ivanova challenged patriarchal norms inspired by Joan of Arc. Alicja Pawluczuk’s alias Hy_stera addressed violence against women in medical contexts.

Vivian Eckstein portrays female figures wearing masks, questioning societal expectations. Miltos Despoudis examines the impact of digital filters on women’s beauty. Thomas Thores Hyman’s portraits transition from photorealism to dreamlike landscapes.

Luka Bunič‘s “Baroque Epoche” conceals messages in fluorescent light, exploring hidden experiences. Emauele Crotti‘s lockdown series questions human origins.

Sofia Dimitrova‘s “3am Concept” explores unfiltered humanity. Other artists include Luka Bunič, Emauele Crotti, Sofia Dimitrova, and Lily, offering diverse perspectives on humanity.

Past projects

Astral Falafel

artist Luka Bunic and his solo show in Berlin Astral Falafel

Art exhibition: Astral Falafel

Luka Bunic

March 22. – 26. 2023, Berlin

The title of the exhibition, Astral Falafel, is based on contradictions. Falafel is a popular street food easy and quick to make, ready to be consumed on the spot while astral is a non-physical or psychic experience that takes ages to achieve or experience.

It takes a lot of training and a lot of time to be able to look at your own experience from a distance and evaluate its meaning and consequences.

Sooner or later, you come to the point of instant realization about your past, and your memory that pushes you to move on.

Art exhibition in Berlin

Art exhibition: Roll To Tie

Claudia Vitari & Suzanne Levesque
14.07 – 27.08.2022, Berlin

Taking into consideration that nearly 3 years of our lives were affected by being confined into limited spaces of our homes, one artist, Claudia Vitari, told stories of people who struggled with mental health long before the pandemic.

The second artist taking part in the exhibition was a painter Suzanne Levesque. Through paintings, drawings, and sometimes installations Levesque analyzes human behavior by scrutinizing and collecting fragments of consciousness. Collecting and processing them almost like specimens.

artist Ella Littwitz and her artwork For the Glory of the Nation_2017

Art exhibition: Anecdotes on Origin

Group exhibition
03.09 – 16.11.2019, Venice, IT

Over the summer 2019, I took a part in three months long curatorial course Corso Curatori organized by School for Curatorial Studies Venice.

As a part of the course, the participants came up with a collaborative project titled Anecdotes on Origin presented by A plus A Gallery in Venice. The show was put together by 19 art professionals from 15 countries.

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